your server against cheaters.

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It's time to change the game

We have always had to deal with people who constantly cheat and break the rules of the game. It is time to stop them.

Let's get started

Defending at its finest

Start playing safe minimizing the hack rate.

Easy to use

We are providing all the data you need in order to identify the impostors.

Automatic blocking feature

Our methods are blocking automatically users that are trying hard to use hacks for 7 days.

Friendly support

We are always responsive to you. We are here for any help that you need regarding M2Protect.

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Free updates

Updates are delivered via this platform and they do not need recompiling the launcher. Just plug and play.

Built with passion

Built with very precise heuristic powerful algorithms and with very high speed.

Scalable on a large scale

A wide range of the most known cheats are being detected.


Choose your plan according to your budget and what you expect